“What is goRewardsCash.com?”
goRewardsCash.com is a global eCommerce site of massive proportion. Our site lets you find virtually anything and buy it at a discounted price. Shop millions of products, thousands of retailers and get rewarded with Rewards Cash back.

“What is Rewards Cash?”
Rewards Cash (RWRD) is our proprietary cryptocurrency. If you’ve heard of “crypto” or “bitcoin” but you aren’t sure what they’re about, don’t worry! goRewardsCash.com provides all the benefits of earning crypto in our safe and simple platform.

“Is there a fee to use goRewardsCash.com?”
No. Membership at goRewardsCash.com is absolutely free! We want to provide you with a free service that allows for extensive savings, and putting your money where it belongs – back into your pocket!

“How do I get my Rewards Cash?”
If you have earned the $5.00 minimum Rewards Cash back for purchases through goRewardsCash.com, you are eligible to receive your Rewards Cash back earnings. Make sure that you have filled out your payment preferences for your account so we know where to send your money.

“What services does goRewardsCash.com offer?”
goRewardsCash.com currently offers special discounts, Rewards Cash back and coupons!

“How do I unsubscribe to goRewardsCash.com emails?”
When logged in to Rewards.com, click on ‘My Account’, and then select ‘My Information’. Scroll to ‘Communication Preferences’ and select the communications you would like to opt-out of.

“Does goRewardsCash.com require membership?”
Yes, in order to earn Rewards Cash back, it’s absolutely free and takes a few seconds – all we need is an email address or username and a password.   If you had an account prior to the rebranding from Rewards.com your account information and balance will remain the same.

“Am I buying directly from goRewardsCash.com?”
No. Rewards.com does not sell any products or services. When you go through goRewardsCash.com and select a merchant we then ‘link’ (take) you to the merchant site to transact. Once you reach the merchants site you are no longer connected to Rewards.com but are now dealing directly with the merchant. If you have any questions or concerns with a product, please contact the merchant from whom you purchased the product.

“How do I know how much Rewards Cash back I can earn from a merchant?”
Next to each merchants name on goRewardsCash.com is displayed the percentage of Rewards Cash back or dollar amount you can earn from each merchant. Be sure that you click on the ‘Exclusions’ on the merchant details page to ensure that what you are purchasing is eligible. Merchants set their own exclusions and are out of the control of goRewardsCash.com.

“Does the amount of Rewards Cash back a merchant offers ever change?”
Yes. We are always working closely with merchants to secure the best offers to provide you with the greatest rewards. At times, we may provide you with daily deals and limited time offers so check back frequently.

“Do I have to visit Rewards.com before making a purchase?”
Yes. In order for you to earn Rewards Cash back from Rewards.com, you must login to your goRewardsCash.com account, click the merchant you wish to shop with and complete your qualifying transaction during the same browser session.

“When do I get paid?”
Unlike other cash back websites, goRewardsCash.com does not require you to request a payment. Rewards Cash back is automatically paid out monthly, on or about the 25th, once your ‘Confirmed’ Rewards Cash back reaches $5.00 or more. At that time we will send you the award via check or PayPal based the preferences you set up under ‘My Account’.  You can only take out $500 through PayPal every 14 days.   Requesting cryptocurrency can be done through the “Account” page as well.  You must confirm your request through an email link within 1 hour of your request.

“What is a qualified purchase?”
In order to make a qualified purchase, you must:

Be at least 18 years of age
Logged into goRewardsCash.com
Use links from goRewardsCash.com to reach a Merchant’s website
NOT purchase anything listed in the “Merchant Exclusions”
Use only coupons or promotion codes located on goRewardsCash.com
NOT make changes to your purchase, over the phone or at the time of  pick-up.
See Terms & Conditions for more details

“What is the difference between Pending and Confirmed?”
After a qualifying purchase has been made through goRewardsCash.com, it can take up to 30 days to be reported by the merchant. Once reported, the Reward Status will display “Pending” until 40 days after the date of your order. This policy allows time for you to make returns/cancellations.
After 40 days “Pending” the status will change to “Confirmed” meaning the Rewards Cash back is now available to be paid out. Once your confirmed Rewards Cash back reaches $5.00 or more, it will automatically be sent to you via check or PayPal based on the preferences you set up on the “Account” page.

“Can I buy a gift certificate and still earn Rewards Cash back?”
You will only earn Rewards Cash back from gift certificate purchases if allowed by the merchant. Most merchants on goRewardsCash.com exclude gift certificate purchases from earning Rewards Cash back. Be sure to check the merchant exclusions on merchant details page. Merchants set their own exclusions and are out of the control of Rewards.com.

“Can I use a coupon on a purchase and still receive Rewards Cash back?”
Only coupons found on goRewardsCash.com allow you to earn Rewards Cash back while shopping through goRewardsCash.com. Using coupons/codes from any source other than Rewards.com will make your purchase ineligible for rewards.

“How do I join Rewards.com and create my own account?”
Click “SIGN IN / SIGN UP” at the top of the page. It’s easy and absolutely free! All you need is an e-mail.

“What does My Rewards.com membership entail?”
Your goRewardscash.com membership allows you to earn Rewards Cash back and use coupons from your favorite merchants.

“I forgot my Password/Username, what should I do?”
A link to Contact Us is located at the bottom of every goRewardsCash.com page and can also be found HERE.

“How do I edit my Account information?”
Click “Account” in the top corner of goRewardsCash.com.

“How do I cancel my Account?”
You may terminate your account at any time by sending an email to support@rewards.com.

“I made a purchase and I don’t see it under ‘My Account’, what should I do?”
It can take up to 30 days after the date of purchase to see your order in the ‘My Rewards’ section on Rewards.com. If your order is over 3 weeks old and you would like your order researched, click ‘Contact Us’ at the bottom of any Rewards.com page and choose ‘I would like to search for an order’ and be sure to fill in the information. The Rewards.com customer support team will be happy to assist and will communicate with you via email.

“If there is a problem with my order, who should I contact?”
If you experience a problem with your order, please contact the merchant from whom you purchased the product.

Rewards.com does not sell any products or services.

“How can I see my purchases made through Rewards.com?”
Click “Account” at the top of the page. All the purchases you’ve made through goRewardsCash.com will be displayed here alongside the corresponding status of each order.

“What is the minimum/maximum amount of Rewards Cash back I can earn?”
The minimum amount you must accrue before Rewards.com will send your Rewards (via check or PayPal) is $5.00
There is no maximum Rewards Cash back – earning potential is unlimited!

“What is your privacy policy?”
A link to our Privacy Policy is located at the bottom of every Rewards.com page and can also be read HERE.

“Who do I contact if I have problems with my goRewardsCash.com Account?”
Click ‘Contact Us’ located at the bottom of any Rewards.com page.
The goRewardsCash.com customer support team will be happy to assist you.