What is goRewardsCash.com?
What is Rewards.com?

Rewards.com has rebranded to goRewardsCash.com.    You can buy just about anything on goRewardsCash.com.  Here’s the crazy part, you can shop your favorite stores (places like: Walmart, Lowe’s, Staples, Jet.com and Macy’s) with special discounts and get Rewards Cash back on every single purchase. It may sound too good to be true, but that’s exactly what happens when you shop on goRewardsCash.com. Rewards Cash is actually cryptocurrency.   You have heard of it.  It is similar to a Bitcoin, and Rewards will help you learn more.  Now who doesn’t want to own that?

You shop one of the thousands of online stores and earn Rewards Cash on your total purchase. Each store has different percentages of Rewards Cash to give.   For example, Nieman Marcus offers 5% of your total purchase back in Rewards Cash.  You can also get great discounts, free shipping, and coupons. So, if you are looking for a good deal and a way to save a little cash, goRewardsCash.com is the online shopping destination for you because you can do both: Get great discounts and get paid to shop online.

Your Rewards wallet will show you how much Rewards Cash you have.  You can do a couple of things with Rewards cash.
          1. Trade it for CASH
          2. Trade it for Dash (the Digital Cash)
          3. You can hold in your Rewards wallet until Rewards Cash is trading on a crypto exchange

Thousands of people have already discovered how to earn crypto for their everyday online purchases. Over $100 million has been given back to our customers through our Rewards Cash programs. You know the name and its trusted reputation. goRewardsCash.com is the destination and the process is simple, so go ahead and reward yourself by joining now.